Seminar on Earth Constitution

Institute On World Problems hosted a Seminar on the Earth Constitution, the emerging Earth Federation Movement, and the transition from a Provisional World Parliament to a World Parliament, on June 29, 2013.

The meeting, held at Raquette Lake in upper state New York, was the occasion to meet world specialists and scientists from as far away as India.

Ricaardoe Di Done seized the opportunity to interview leading experts :

Glen T. Martin, President of the Institute on World Problems. > see the interview
Laura George, Executive director of The Oracle Institute > see the interview
Dr. Laj Utreja, Teacher and director of Institute on Global Harmony > see the interview
Dr. Roger Kotila, Psychologist and activist, editor of Earth Federation News and Views, president of the Democratic World Federalists > see the interview
E.P. Menon, Writer and social activist > see the interview
Dr. Eugenia Almand, Executive director of the Institute on World Problems > see the interview