Interview with Mr. Francis Millien, sports analyst and author of the preface of the book Soccer plus

All Young People Should Read the Book Soccer plus!

Mr. Millien has always been passionate about soccer: He is the former assistant coach of the Montreal Impact and has been the president of the Organizing Committee for the Montreal site of the World Cup for the past 20 years.

In Quebec, there are 200,000 soccer players, making it the most popular played sport in the province. In Canada, there are close to 1 million soccer players and Mr. Millien specifies that “more than 40% of these players are girls!”

According to Mr. Millien, “soccer is a sport where we can let loose, run, jump, have fun.” He adds: “It is the most affordable, recreational team sport and it is easy to practice.” Soccer plus is an excellent tool for information on soccer because it presents the sport as a whole: “This book is addressed to youth and their parents to allow them to see how [soccer] is a practical sport that can be played by everyone. It provides guidelines on youth development and how to behave well and thrive in life.”

Mr. Millen adds: “What I like about this book is how it is versatile. It not only discusses the sport itself and basic techniques, but it also provides guidelines and advice. It does not limit itself to a simple sport, but rather covers everything that surrounds it: the clubs, cooperation and team sports.” He concludes: “It is a book that I would have loved to read when I was young.”

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Soccer plus, by Éric Leroy