Interview with the illustrator of YOUTH AND STREET GANGS

Watch this short video of Rick Di Done, illustrator of the book and discover what leaded to his graphic design choices.


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“More than a book, Youth and street gangs is an easy to reard resource that provides a principled, pragmatic and logical presentation on street gangs. The reader is walked through the issues creating an opportunity for discussion.”
Steve Young, Street gang specialist

The phenomenon of street gangs is experiencing a meteoric rise in today’s society. Youth and Street Gangs focuses on a fundamental necessity: Helping today’s youth better understand the nature of this unfortunate reality in different walks of life and offer them positive choices so that we can prevent this ever growing societal malaise. The more young people and those who look after their development (parents, teachers) are informed, the more we will be able to prevent and eradicate this problem and the various effects which result from it.