Do you think our elderly relatives are safe and protected in Quebec?

Sadly, still relevant.

In this article originaly published on Together for Families website in 2013, Ricaardoe Di Done speaks to all. This clip highlights the brutal reality faced by hundreds of senior citizens living in Quebec. This report addresses the realities of old age, and the quality of services offered by Quebec society to seniors.


Elder mistreatment coupled with the inefficiency of our decision-makers, hinders our elders from living a longer life.

Mr. Di Done represents a family that questions the role of the Quebec government in the tragic death of a loved one, his octogenarian aunt, Antoinette Di Done.

The incident sheds light on the precarious management within the group of CHSLD (Centres d’hébergement de soins de longue durée) and the systematic disregard for the fragile health and well-being of seniors. Mrs. Antoinette Di Done’s health deteriorated drastically after she was removed from Centre D’Hébergement Quatre-Temps. In April 2011, Mrs. Antoinette Di Done’s health deteriorated drastically after she was removed from Centre D’Hébergement Quatre-Temps and was transferred to another health centre, where she died a few months later. The transfer had been done despite her doctor’s strict order against the transfer.

News that make us feel good!

Together for Families, under the leadership of Mr. Di Done, wishes to congratulate the Health Ministry for adopting regulations aimed at protecting the safety and well-being of our elderly in Quebec. The Quebec Minister of Health, Réjean Hébert, announced that effective as of 13th March 2013, new regulations will tighten safety and training standards in Health centers and social services offered to seniors. The new regulation includes mandatory training for staff, a minimum of staff present at all times, an emergency call system and a register of accidents or incidents. Additionally, the law requires mandatory criminal record checks on staff, individual assessment for each resident, availability of recreational activities, and meals that are consistent with Canada’s Food Guide.
(Source: via Huffington Post Quebec, 27/02/2013)

Mistreatment and neglect in a nursing home could happen to your loved one as well. Our seniors should be able to live their old age in dignity.

People of all ages should unite and join together to defend our elders against abuse. Every one of us should agree that we will not stand for the mistreatment of elders, since we will also get older!

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