In solidarity with the families of Amatrice, Italy
by infofam

In solidarity with the families of Amatrice, Italy

Fundraising campaing to help the victims of Amatrice Earthquake.
On August 24th, 2016 an earthquake hit the region of Amatrice, Italy where over 300 people lost their lives. In solidarity with all the families and especially the children who lost their parents, the National Federation of Italo-Canadians …
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Help prevent violence and bullying!

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Together for children

Together for children

A most enriching trip to Edmonton
Ricaardoe Di Done and Samantha Di Done in Edmonton.
Ricaardoe Di Done, chief operating officer of Children Now, visited Edmonton this summer with his daughter, Samantha Di Done, to prepare two upcoming sensitization campaigns on anti-intimidiation and the benefits …
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The Surprisingly Epic Journey of Conception and Birth!!

The Surprisingly Epic Journey of Conception and Birth!!

Food for Thought.
Although we learn about reproduction in school, we cannot truly appreciate just how special and difficult the journey is for the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg. Such an inspiring journey really gives one food for thought!

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Do you think our elderly relatives are safe and protected in Quebec?

Sadly, still relevant.
In this article originaly published on Together for Families website in 2013, Ricaardoe Di Done speaks to all. This clip highlights the brutal reality faced by hundreds of senior citizens living in Quebec. This report addresses the realities of old age, and the …
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INFOFAM informs and sensitizes families regarding the issues that affect youth today by providing them the voice of experts, thinkers, decision makers, researchers and all people working for the wellbeing of our children.

  • We aim to be the main resource in dealing with the issues faced by the youth of today and tomorrow
  • to help families to act and make informed decisions by providing them the tools to better manage family issues.

INFOFAM is elaborating a web documentary series.

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TheoDone Publisher specializes in the publication of books that deal with the condition and the rights of children on a national and international scale. By encouraging books on that topic, the company took on the task of supporting and advancing ideas on the condition of children here and all around the world.


CHILDREN NOW helps children living in difficult conditions in Canada…through many initiatives mainly based on prevention and education.