Say No to intimidation, bullying and violence

Prevention, education and awareness against Street Gangs is essential. The more we know about this social phenomenon, the more we will be able to prevent it. INFOFAM wants to raise AWARENESS so that parents and educators can better support children.

The book Youth and Street Gangs informs young people about Street Gangs, in order to prevent them from joining, and show them how to take charge and in turn, become responsible citizens.

Contrary to popular opinion:

• Young people do not join gangs for the lure of money.

• They join because they are seeking a sense of belonging.

• Most of the time they do not know what they are getting involved in.

• 25% to 50% of young people from broken homes will experience problems such as joining a street gang, dropping out of school, suicide, crime and violence.

On the other hand, young people who are supervised with attentive parents and involved in enriching extracurricular activities and positive social groups are less likely to be attracted to street gangs.