Children Now, International Symposium 2018: Working with Families in Transition in the 21st Century

The 9th International conference on the child: Working with Families in Transition in the 21th Century, was held in Montréal, on May 31th, June 1st and 2nd, 2018. It was a 3 day conference that featured professional speakers from all over the world, Europe, United-States, Australia and Canada, that included experts in the field of mediators, lawyers, judges, psychologists and others in the field of justice and psychosociology that joined the symposium and provided much insights to our mission.

The themes through the conference was Innovations and Best Practices in Dealing with High Conflict, Co-Parenting Relations, Estrangement and Alienation between Children and Parents, Child Abduction and Domestic Violence.

The goal of the conference was to collaborate and develop a set of best practices for families in transition going through high conflict separation or divorce.

Here is a short video overview:

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